The ‘Joby Gorillapod’- Photography’s greatest accessory!

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever…”

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Photography’s greatest accessory!

Knowing my passion (borderline obsession) for photography, a close friend of mine had promised me ‘the best camera accessory ever’ for my birthday. When the day finally arrived and she handed me a gift-wrapped tripod stand, I was a tad disappointed. I mean, I love taking photos of my family, friends and fantastic creations around me, but how often was I going to use a tall, complicated tripod stand to take portrait pictures!

I unwrapped my present and staring up at me was a cute and compact black and white tripod, kind of like a 3-legged zebra-spider! It had bendable legs, made up of a bunch of ‘ball-and-socket’ joints, for a perfect mount on any surface- be it an incline, staircase banister or even an uneven terrain like rocky sand! The Joby Gorillapod is strong, flexible and can stabilize quite heavy SLRs with zoom lenses too! It can attach to any sort of photo equipment ranging from minicams and camcorders to complicated professional cameras like my husband’s! Oh and it even works with existing tripod heads to give an added advantage.

This sturdy little tripod is lightweight, very easy to transport and quick to set-up in any scenario. Enabling me to take shots from tree branches and window grills, it has added a whole new angle to my photography skills. With its moldable shape, it’s quite easy to pack and fits into any little space left. Easy to attach with a push-button, it even has a rotating lock to make sure your camera doesn’t slide off in creative positions!!

If I was crazy about taking pictures before, I’m just wild about it now! And the best part is, with my amazing Gorillapod I get to be in all my pictures too! Hey ladies, with Christmas around the corner, this is the perfect prize for a precious family holiday!!

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  1. Very cute and useful tripod. I have just started back into photography and this would be a fantastic addition to my equipment.

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