Menopause And Irritability – Are They Related?

A lot of studies revolve around the question: are menopause and irritability related? Women who experience menopause tend to suffer from an imbalance in their hormones and with so much information available on the World Wide Web today, it can be quite hard to find proper answers. Plus, menopausal women are already suffering from vaginal dryness, mood swings and reduced libido – do they really have to become irritable, too?

Regardless of what is making you irritable during this stage, though, it can damage your career and relationships, as well as yourself. What is irritability, exactly, though? By definition, irritability refers to a state of intense sensitivity when it comes to various types of stimulation. When someone is irritable, he or she usually gets very anxious and stressed, so he or she angers easily, too. During menopause, things get even worse.

What Causes Menopause Irritability

What causes irritability? Beta-endorphins and serotonin can make you happy and increase your estrogen levels, so it is safe to say that estrogen directly affects your positive moods. Since the estrogen levels of women who experience menopause are dropping, they usually experience irritability and mood swings. Plus, physical changes can bring about reduced libido, vaginal dryness and hot flashes to make these women even more irritable.

Other causes for irritability include a lack of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping for six hours straight, it is only natural that you feel irritated all the time. Well, women who experience menopause usually sweat each night, too, which disrupts sleep and, in turn, causes irritability.

Weight gain is another side effect that comes with menopause. A once-sexy body can thus now be covered under various fat layers and this sudden change in one’s looks can make women irritable, too.

If your irritability lasts for more than seven days and is starting to affect your everyday life in a bad way, it would be smart to get some medical help. Conversely, you can treat your irritability naturally with natural supplements on the market today. Amberen is fast becoming an all-natural product women across the country are trying and having very good results in helping fight their menopause symptoms.